Another mystery plant

I received a large shipment of plants yesterday from a mail-order source. 
 One plant was a substitution and was identified as an Ammania.  It 
certainly does't like anything like any Ammania in my references (these 
all appear to be stem plants) nor does it look like anything else I could 
find. The substitute plant resembles a Crypt but has rigid leaves and 
stems a little like an Anubia.  It has a fleshy rhizome with rootlets 
also similar to an Anubia but the rhizome is not horizontal like 
Anubias but it may have been sliced. The leaves amd petioles are about 
equal, about 3 inches long.  The leaves are olive green on the top and a 
bright garish wine-red on the underside with prominent veins. The leaf 
edges are finely serrated. From my poor unscientific description can 
anyone suggest what this is?