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Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 12:21:11 +0800
From: KS Chan <chanks at pl_jaring.my>
To: Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com
Subject: Shrimps picture

Just like the ghost shrimps, the Caridina japonica must be used in large
numbers to be effective to control algae. They do have 2 advantages,
however, (1) they are MUCH more attractive than the ghost shrimps indiginous
to the US and (2) they are longer lived. I got mine when I was in Japan last
December and after some initial mortality, their population has been very
stable. Unless the prices become reasonable, I think that they may only be
cost-efficient in small aquariums (<40 liters). After reviewing my
experiences with Amano, we decided that shrimp density of 1 per 4 liter (1
per gallon) is needed. For short term hair algae control, the more invisible
ghost shrimps are a very reasonable alternative. More about this in the next
issue of TAG and an upcoming issue of FAMA.

My local shop has been unable to find an East coast supplier of wood shrimps
(also called Singapore shrimp). Can someone find the name of an importer or
wholesaler who is bringing them in. Thanks.


Neil Frank, TAG editor    Aquatic Gardeners Association    Raleigh, NC USA

Has anyone got pix of these 2 types of shrimps ? or where I can locate their


KS  from Malaysia