Florida Plants

For all of you who may live in Florida, or be interested in Florida Plants I ran
across a couple of interesting sources of information.

First is Aquatics Magazine.  This is a magazine on aquatic plant management and
is not directed at the hobbyist but is nonetheless interesting.

To get this magazine you must join the Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society
which cost $20.00 and you get membership, the newsletter and Aquatics Magazine.
Check should be made payable to FAPM and sent to the Treasurer, Catherine
Johnson, 688 Andover Circle, Winter Springs FL 32708.

Next is a book on Florida Plants, I'll just retype the entire add 'cause it's

Florida Freshwater Plants
A Handbook of Common Aquatic Plants in Florida Lakes.
Mark V Hoyer . Daniel F. Canfield, Jr. . Christine A. Horsburgh . Karen Brown
280 Pages

Flordia Freshwater Plants catalogs 100+ species found in 322 Florida lakes
statewide.  Essential field guide information on each species is provided,
Color photographs of each plant
Complete botanical descriptions
Species' biology and notes of ecological intereset
Florida Map with locations

Florida Freshwater Plants costs $35 plus shipping and handling (1 book - $4, 2
books -$5)  Orders shipped to Florida addresses must include correct county
sales tax (6%, 6,5%,7%)

Please mention "SP189" when ordering.

To order by mail, wirte...Publications Distribution Center
                          University of Florida
                          P.O. Box 110011
                          Gainesville, FL 32611-0011
To order by phone, call...1-800-226-1764
                          (Visa and Mastercard)