Shipping Plants and Sig Files (again)

Subject: Shipping Plants

> I would not suggest sending plants in ziplock bags. It may work 
> to leak.I think it may be better to package them as you might se
> water of course but in an inflated bag, securely fastened (knott
> rubber band). I would even double up on the bags. This would all
> for the plants.

After shipping a lot of plants over a period of years, I'd like to 
say that the best way to ship plants is wrapped in wet newspaper, 
then placed in plastic fish bags _without_ excess water or air 
space.  The firmer and more stable you can make the bundle, the 
less damage you'll find upon opening the packeage on the other 

A few small plants can then be placed in a bubble pack envelope or 
a mailing tube.  For a moderate number of plants I use styro 
vaccine boxes from my veterinarian.  Large quantities can be 
packed in standard fish boxes.

Subject: Sig Files

C'mon folks.  It's bad enough that some people are still using 
huge sig files in their posts, but if _they_ can't remember to 
post without them, _please_ don't compound the annoyance by 
including the sig file in a quote! (I'll put my curmudgeon cap 
away now ;-)

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA