Re:Unknown plant

> From: Ezio Ferro <eferro at comau_com>
> Subject: Unknown plant
> yesterday my store sold me a two pretty little plants, telling me
> that are compatible with other my plants and name is : Fittonia.
> Now I can't find any similar plant name and I would like to
> know really name, needs, provenience of this plant.

I don't know its real sci name either, but I know something about
its needs:  it would do best in a little clay pot on your windowsill,
far from your aquarium.  Right, it is not an aquatic plant (although
far too many shops are selling it for that purpose) but it will die
in few weeks if it is kept under water.  Try to take them back to the 
shop and change them to something more suitable, like small Anubias.

this is my very first article to the APD from our new Pentium, cool!