Re: Those that use bicarb and those that don't

>From: crom at cris_com (Crom)
>Could anyone give a list of common plants that use bicarbonate, and
>those that don't?  Or does such a list exist somewhere on the net?

Mmmmm, I don't have a list, but I think the number that don't break down
bicarbonate is easier to count than the number that do.

I'd look at crypts as your primary non-bicarb plants, although C. ciliata
lives in conditions where bicarb capability would be to its benefit, so
someone else will have to answer that.  

Among plants that are quite adept at removing bicarbs are Anubias, Java
Fern, and Anacharis.  Anachairs will quickly do a number on your

Just to be thorough, several algaes are also capable of removing
bicarbonates, including red and spot algaes.

>Is this a quality all species of a given genus would share?

Not sure.  If C. ciliata can utilize bicarb, then I would say that this
quality is not always genus-specific.  I'd guess that way anyways, though.

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