Re: T8 vs T8 efficiency

> >Had been using three full-spectrum T-12's previously.  24" 5000K bulbs
> >were harder to find & more expensive ($12.50 a pop) than the 48" bulbs,
> >but that's because my lighting supplier had to get 95 CRI tubes instead of
> >the usual 75's.

You really need to find another supplier. I Recently got 48" GE SPX50's
at $5.20 apiece and 24" at $6.20 these are rated a 5000k and 85CRI.  The
electronic parallel ballast at 120w was only $63.00

BTW the hood I built for my 55g flat back pent tank is fantastic and the
plants are really loving it. (Had to brag a little :-) )

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