Re: T8 vs T8 efficiency

>Had been using three full-spectrum T-12's previously.  24" 5000K bulbs
>were harder to find & more expensive ($12.50 a pop) than the 48" bulbs,
>but that's because my lighting supplier had to get 95 CRI tubes instead of
>the usual 75's.  

That might be part of the reason. The bigger one may be that 4' and 8'
lamps are mass-produced for the commercial lighting industry. Anything else
is made in much smaller quantities, hence a higher unit cost.

>the tank lid for feeding now.  I think I need to do an efficiency study
>that includes the ballast in the power consumption...

Definitely, the ballast has a LOT to do with lighting efficiency. There are
three factors--the lamp's energy consumption, the ballast's, and the
ballast factor. The last is how the ballast works with the lamp.


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