Response to Shrimp Q

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Date: Wed, 02 Oct 1996 10:27:57 -0400
From: "K & A, P.A." <kapa at netrunner_net>
Subject: Response to Shrimp Q

The shrimp Mr. Amano uses is known in Japan as the Yamato Numa Ebi
shrimp or Cardina japonica.  It is very rarely available in the U.S. 
Many of us are trying to convince some importer to bring some in.  When
we do, we will definitely post something up.

The Wood Shrimp is most definitely a filter feeder and will not help
with anything but an algae bloom.  The Ghost Shrimp does graze on algae,
but very lightly.  Additionally, they have a short lifespan so I have
not used them much.

Hope it helps.

Art Giacosa
Miami, Florida