Best Algae Scraper Ever!

I don't know about you, but my tanks are not perfect. Occaisionally I
actually have to take a razor blade and scrape the glass on my show tank.
The glass is 48"  wide and 22" high. With one razor blade on a stick, it
takes forever. SO ... this past Saturday I created a razor-blade holder that
holds 6 blades edge to edge. It takes me about two minutes to clean the
entire front of my tank. Describing how to make this thing in words would
overload the APD so I drew pictures of it and converted them to gif files
you can download.

Basically go out and get a squeegee (the kind of thing windows washers use
to swipe soap off windows) and follow the picures I have uploaded. It really

One last thing: You will be working with single edge razor blades. These
things CUT! Use pliers to force them into position and be SUPER CAREFUL. You
can really slash your fingers up big time if you are casual about making
this tool.

I have uploaded two gif files showing how to make it. They are at:
www.sysconn.com\jphealy\scraper.gif     and

Kind Regards,