Re: Light electronics question

>1. Turn on the switch, lamps glow faint orange at the ends but do not come
>on. They come on after a few minutes (times vary and unpredictable) by
>2. Turn on the switch, nothing happens. Twist the bulb slightly and it
>on and lights fine.
>3. Turn on the switch, nothing happens. Touch or tap the metal hood and
>lamp comes on and lights fine. This only happens with a T-8 Triton bulb.
>Regular T-12 bulb works fine.

The answer may be in your last point. What kind of ballast are you using?
T8s need electronic ballasts designed for them. T12s need their own
electronic or magnetic ballasts. Ballasts don't usually run both T8s and

Another thing to check, simpler, are your contacts. Clean them with alcohol
and make sure they're attached or seated securely. Check the wiring too to
make sure nothing's loose.


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