Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #229

Greg. Tong wrote:

>Can anyone point me to a source of Trichoronis rivularis, or "Mexican
>Oak-leaf Plant"?  Private or retail. TIA.
The Aquatic Greenhouse:
lists it.
>Subject: Replacement for Ambulia
>Can anyone suggest a plant with a form similar to Limnophila aquatica
>(Ambulia), with similar requirements, that is not invasive? My ambulia has
>not grown full and fluffy (probably because some floating plants block the
>light) but does send runners all over the tank, and pops up where least
>wanted. Thanks.
I had L. aquatica, too, and there is nothing to match it for size and
fluffieness, but it only gets that way when it gets up to the surface and
is well lit.  I have the suspicion that when you see it in pictures it was
cut and stuck in there shortly before the picture was taken.  The
invasiveness of my plants was impressive, also.  They sent runners in all
directions that actually branched.  I would be careful of disposing of any
specimans of that species.  It could really be a pest.,

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