RE: Shrimp

Justin Heally wrote;

According to Claus Christensen, manager of Tropica Plants in Denmark,
shrimp are an excellent animal for controlling algae in planted aquaria.
After talking with Claus I went out and bought two varietiies. ONe has
turned out to be a filter feeder so I hold little hope for his/her algae
controlling talents. The others however are about 1.5 inches long and
when they are not hiding, spend their time picking around in the gravel
and plants. One of the females is clearly loaded with eggs above her
swimmerets and I want to give those eggs the best chance for survival
that I can. Can you recommend what to do?

I would like to add to this thread.  I have been reading the Amano book, and he also suggests shrimp as a great way to control algae.  I wondered if anyone knows what kind of shrimp he and Justin are refering to?  Justin, what is the name of the shrimp you bought.  I would like to inquire locally (Milwaukee, WI).

Scott Corbeil