E. horemanni flowers follow-up

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Date: Mon, 30 Sep 1996 11:46:27 -0500 (EST)
From: DIONIGI MALADORNO <MALADORD%A1%RNISD0 at mr_nut.roche.com>
Subject: E. horemanni flowers follow-up
To: AQUATIC PLANTS <Aquatic-Plants at ActWin_com>

Yesterday I came back from my trip and found a thick, somewhat twisted,
flower stalk 21" long. This means it grew an average of about 5"/day! The
rosette formation on top of it does not bear any flowers or plantlets and
was emerged, pushing against the "door" of the hood. I have now pushed it
slightly underwater, in a well lit area.

Thanks to the people that provided suggestions. In terms of identification
of the plant, I must say that my plants look somewhat different from all the
E. horemanni pictures I found (Aq. Plants Manual by I. Scheurmann, Page 72;
Baensch Atlas, vol. 2, page 87; Rataj, page 189) for having the leaves a
quite light green, with a distinct enlargement in the upper third of the
leaf (which in the pictures looks more lanceolate) and more pronounced
ruffled edge. The picture of E. osiris on page 124 of Baensch's vol.1 is
quite close, but my plants lack the red color and clearly have the lateral
veins splitting away from the central one quite high on the leaf. Again,
leaves are 15" long (from the root crown) with a peduncle that seems to me
shorter now (only 2") that when I originally purchased the plants (I seem to
remember it was 4-5" long). 

Also, for completeness of description, the lower layer of the substrate is
made of 10 parts vermiculite, 3 parts topsoil (from the gardening center)
and 1 part peat with the addition of two tablespoons of micronized iron 
every 3-4 gallons of substrate.