Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #228

Hi Jason,

>   I was hoping to get a spotted pictus cat. I was afraid it 
> would eat my java fern and water sprite. I am not so worried 
> about the water sprite, since it floats on the top, as I am of 
> the java fern. If you have any information to this lease help!
> Thanz in advance.
> Jason in hot, sunny texas

	Pictus cats are carnivorous, but could still possibly nibble
on your plants.  However, Java fern is extremely tough.  Many people
use it as the sole plant in big cichlid tanks.  Basically, it can be
torn apart, uprooted, etc. and still keep growing.  It just may not
look too nice.  BTW don't bother trying to raise any small fish with
your pictus, they'll just become a snack.


Chris Teichreb (who lost 20+ neons to a 'cute' baby pictus!)