Aggression in Community Tanks

I would like to do some reading to learn about aggression, i.e., fish eating
in community tanks.  I have a well-planted 30 gallon tank and a similarly
well planted 10 gallon community tank.  Neither is "crowded," but recently
I lost two white clouds ...they just disappeared much to my surprise.  I have
two small clown loaches, one flying fox (small to med) one SAE (small to med.
two corys, adn two red-eye tetras (relatively small).  I can't quite figure
appetite and jaws are that large that they could dispose of the two white

I've searched the archives under "aggression," (etc.) but haven't quite found
what I'm looking for... and would appreciate any help since I'm quite new
to the hobby.

Thanks...from way up in Northfield, MA, on the border of MA, VT and NH. 


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