Nature Aquarium Video

I have been quiet on the internet recently. So, only something of extreme
importance will cause me to post a message <g>  Maybe you already know......

I have just learned that Aqua Design Amano is clearing out their inventory
on their "video magazine." It is called AQUA JOURNAL VIDEO MAGAZINE. I have
been told it is similar to one I saw at the aqua plant summit in Japan last
year and if it is half as good, I would jump on it. It is in NTSC format,
which is compatible with US players. It all music and aquascapes without any
narration. They have 300 copies left to sell by then end of the year:

Nature Aquarium Layout Collection Vol.1
                              45 minutes/Hi-Fi STEREO/NTSC Format 
                              Price: \2,800 
                              Shipping & Handling Charges: \600

It is also advertised on <http://www.rim.or.jp/~ada/ENG/Prod_e.html#video>

They accept payment only by VISA and Mastercard. 
Please send your credit card number and expiration date with your complete
address and your phone number to-:
8554-1 Urusiyama
Maki-machi, Niigata

FAX: +81-256-73-3579

Neil Frank, TAG editor    Aquatic Gardeners Association    Raleigh, NC USA