Subject: Patience

Paul Krombholz wrote:

> I had some experiences a little while ago that illustrate that s
> you can see the results almost immediately, and other times, you
> to wait for several weeks. 

<snip long interesting explanation of what happened in 2 of his 

> At any event, I am not sure at all that soil toxicity caused the
> spotting.  It could have been calcium deficiency, after all.
> What started all this was the question, how long do you have to 
> could be just a a day or two, or it could be as long as a month

Another very important point that Paul's story brings up is how 
easy it is, even for someone with a lot of experience, to get 
confused by results when there is more than one possible cause for 
a problem. Additionally, parameters other than the one the 
aquarist is focused on can change in a tank leading one to a 
faulty conclusion.

These are two of the reasons that I'd rather use something for a 
long period of time, or at least in a number of different 
situations before I decide that it's an important part of my 
standard operating procedure.