Re:Black Beard Algae

>From: bowkerg at NTU_EDU.AU (Gail Bowker)
>Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 10:00:33 +0930
>Subject: Black Beard Algae
>Im not sure if I've named it coreectly but thats what it looks like. It grows
>in little tufts on the edges of older leaves on slower growing plants.
>Grows to about 4-5mm
>long and is dark green to black in colour.   It is very tough and difficult
>to remove.  What causes it and how do I get rid of it?

Hi Gail,

Actually, I believe it's red beard algae. Alright. My tank just had a bad
infestation. What I did was multi-pronged.

1. I cut down lighting to 8 hours instead of 10.
2. Feeding reduced and done on alternate days only.
3. Monitor nitrate and phosphate levels. Change water regularly.
4. Use an algaecide. (some people would not recommend this though, but I was

it's been a week since these measures were taken and a 75% water change was
done again today. Nitrate and phosphate levels are under control now. I'm
using carbon again to get rid of any trace of algaecides. Once you see that
the beard algae is no longer spreading, it should be under control. 

question to the experts here: I presume the beard algae I had is dead by now
but it still sticks to the leaves. Will they re-generate?

Calvin Chin