Re: Native Plants?


>Subject: Native Plants?
>I saw what appeared to be huge specimens of emersed Echinodorus
>cordifolius >growing on the banks! I was wondering if this is totally
>commonplace to you >guys who live in the more warmer regions of the US?  I
>must confess to be >totally blown away to encounter something I'd only
>seen in tanks, poking out of >the ground (though the local cold-water Val
>and Milfoil has never piqued my
>Another question: what about collecting wild specimens.  Anyone on the
>list do this?  (Not from a State park, but otherwise...)  Is there a
>problem introducing parasites or disease into a tank?
>   - Erik
Here, in Mississippi, we have E. cordifolius and E. barteroi.  Some species
of Ludwigia grows in all the ditches and even in my yard.  Hydrocotyle
verticillata is also in my yard.  I have also seen a couple of Najas
species, and Didiplis diandra is supposed to be around somewhere, but I
havn't seen it.  This is not all.  East and southeast U.S. is a rich source
of aquarium plant species, including most of the Sagitterias.

I havn't tried to collect wild specimans yet, but if I did, I would give
them a two or three minute bath in 5% bleach to kill hair algae and then
grow them in a small jar or tank by themselves for a while to make sure
that no unwanted invertebrate nasties survived the bleach treatment.

Nice to see the Krib on line again! Thanks, Erik!