Kevin Osborne book & Anubias article & big tanks

Congradulations, Karen Randall, for a fantastic job of documenting  the 
anubias family.  Well written, good photos and fresh information.  If any 
of you do not take Aquarium Fish Magazine, get this issue as it is a classic.

Re Justin's querry on the "simplified Plant tank" book offered through 
FAMA.  I bought the book and agree with a good share of what Kevin 
Osborne says.  However, IMO he misses the most obvious point on why 
people fail with plants.  Most starter setups have a small air pump.  
These things are deadly to plants because they drive off the necessary 
CO2.  If Kevin would have talked about that his book would have been more 
valuable.  He says nothing either way about air pumps or using air 
venturi on power heads.  I have set up several low tech tanks with UGF 
and power heads with 1.5 watts fl per gallon and with regular maintenance 
they do great.
 Re big tanks.  I finally got my dream of two big tanks.  Made by Inter 
American advertised in FAMA.  Dimensions 72" l x 30 h x 32 w.  May write 
an article some day about the problems and joys of big tanks.  I love the 
depth for tall plants but no matter how tall the tank is there will 
always be some plants that want more height.  Tall tanks can be a bear to 
work on.  My arm pit and ear do get wet at times if I have to reach too 
far.  It requires getting on a ladder to reach down low enough.  I use 
plenty of gravel - up to 6" and am working with different substrate 
combinations, MH and co2.  Had early problems of blue green algae but 
followed the Sears recommendation on PMDD etc and have the P down to 
where there is no longer any cynobacter algae and very little of any 
algae.  After being set up for 4 months I am going to migrate to more 
exotic plants and phase out the water sprite and rotalla "indica" 

--Earle Hamilton from northern Michigan where coral once grew