Re: Plant growth rates, CO2 density

> From: Augustine J Rodriguez <rodrigaj at uwec_edu> (Augustine Rodriguez)
> Subject: Patience with Plants
> What is a reasonable amount of time to wait after you try something (i.e.,
> try a new fertilizer, try a new lighting scheme, etc...) before you can say
> that the new change either helped, hurt or did not affect the plants?
	I find that with those that grow quickly (usually the stem ones),
effects are visible in a few days and obvious in a couple of weeks.  With
the Echinodorus and Crypts, effects are visible in a week or two, and
obvious in a month or so. 

> From: jphealy at sysconn_com
> Subject: =?iso-8859-1?Q?CO2=97Heavier?= than air?
> Is CO2 heavier than air?

	Yes, by almost 50%, but it does not take much turbulence to
mix it with air, and it won't come unmixed again!

> The reason I ask is I have some Marsilea
> Quadrifolia that was languishing in my plant tank. I took it out and am
> growing it emersed. It's happy now but I was thinking that it would be easy
> to grow it in a CO2-rich environment =97 especially if CO2 is heavier than
> air. Do you see any problems with doing this?

	I think you will need a lid on the container, or something as
minor as someone walking by will cause loss of CO2, and a draught in the
room will cause essentially complete loss.

Paul Sears    Ottawa, Canada