RE: Big Ehiems

In APD V2 #215, Scott Corbeil was looking for users of large Ehiem canister filters. I have had an Ehiem 2260 for a couple of years, and have used it on a number of tanks. Currently, it is running as the main filtration unit on a 150 gallon fresh water planted tank which houses my Angelfish.

The unit was bought on sale, but it was still expensive. The quick connect adapters set me back almost as much as the filter, and the filter media wasn't cheap either (18 liters is a LOT of space), but I haven't had any reason to question this filter since the first day I turned it on. It is built like a Sherman tank (and sort of looks like one too), and works like a charm. I was initially nervous that such a big filter would be noisy, but it is actually quieter than my Hagen Aquaclears.

There are only three things you have to consider:

1. The 2260 is BIG. In order to place mine under the tank, I had to make adjustments to the stand, in order to enable it to fit.
      2. The 2260 is POWERFUL. Make sure that the hoses are SECURELY attached, both to the filter AND to the tank. My 150 gallon tank could be emptied in under five minutes (all over the hardwood floor) if one of the hoses came lose.
      3. The 2260 is UGLY. Hide it if you can.

      I also have an Ehiem Internal "Breathing" filter (not the new external unit, but rather the older, internal wet-dry). It runs a 33 gallon Marine tank. Again, I was initially shocked at the price, even on sale, but it works like a charm, year after year after year.

     Given the number of tanks I have had over the years and the number of filters and pumps that I have bought and had to replace during that time, the Ehiems are far and away the BEST pieces of equipment I have ever come across. 

James Purchase