Native Plants?

Hi.  A week ago I was in Houston with my fiancee & we were hiking around
the local wetlands of Brazos Bend State Park.  I saw what appeared to be
huge specimens of emersed Echinodorus cordifolius growing on the banks! I
was wondering if this is totally commonplace to you guys who live in the
more warmer regions of the US?  I must confess to be totally blown away to
encounter something I'd only seen in tanks, poking out of the ground
(though the local cold-water Val and Milfoil has never piqued my

Another question: what about collecting wild specimens.  Anyone on the
list do this?  (Not from a State park, but otherwise...)  Is there a
problem introducing parasites or disease into a tank?

   - Erik

Erik D. Olson					         amazingly, at home
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