Re: DIY CO2 reactors & vacuuming of gravel

Matt MacGregor  asked...

> Specifically, if the (CO2) reactor is made out of a
> UGF tube or 1 liter soda bottle, how and where exactly is the the inflow of
> water (via either a powerhead or the outflow tube of a canister filter)
> attached such that the force of its' flow  doesn't seperate the two? Is it
> generally just something that is jury rigged together with silicone sealent
> and maybe some cutting/drilling, or even string?

I siliconed an airline tube from the Hagen Mini powerhead to a hole I
drilled in the side of a UGF tube. Its a very slow water flow and
doesn't have much force. No string.

Jim Curto
Western Springs, Illinois