Re: Big Eheim filters

The two Ehiem filters that I have are "corrected".  The problems that were
mentioned earlier were all fixed.  In a year I have serviced the big wet dry
once and the other one twice  and the tanks are healthy.  I do fewer water
changes in these tanks.  With over two dozen aquariums in the house I wish
that I could afford to put an Ehiem on every tank.  The wet dry canister
works fine on the planted tanks.  Standard sump wet dry filters release CO2
because the water spends a fair amount of time exposed to the air.  I have
found standard sumps to be better for bare bottom tanks and salt water.  I
have not had very good luck with Fluval.  They seem to easily lose the prime
and mine have broken.  I like the Maxima 350 better than the Fluval. They can
even be used as micron filters.
Just my two cents worth.
Mary Sigman
Sigmanfam at aol_com