Re: Petrified Wood

>Aquatic Plants Digest     Tuesday, 24 September 1996     Volume 02 : Number 217

>From: "Dan Simon" <dan_simon at macgw_claircom.com>
>Date: 23 Sep 1996 08:38:13 -0700
>Subject: Petrified wood
>I have noticed many planted tanks with petrified wood in them.  Does this in
>any way increase hardness or pH ?
>Dan Simon


Petrification is a process where the original material of the wood, bone
etcetra, is replaced molecule by molecule by a different material. The
transport medium is water. The usual subsitute (if I remember my geology
correctly) is silica (the stuff glass is made of). So it shouldn't change
the PH. It may affect hardness, and silica may be more of a problem in SW

Hope this helps...

- Bill Brady ...
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