Re:Big Eheim filters

there are some little notes on the answer of Neale to your question about
big eheim filters.

I am very satisfied with the Eheim filters although I only have a small one.
>It is basically good, but I have a few gripes compared with the Fluvals.

I canīt compare it to fluvals because I  donīt know them. But there is one
big advantage compared to the Vitakraft filter i have (I do not know if you
can get them in the USA). The Eheims starts runnning after electric
break-downs by themselves the vitakraft does not!

>(2) The media are not separate. Fluval have three large plastic chambers,
>so you can easily replace or clean just on at a time. The Eheim is more of
>a bucket, so changing the carbon or peat is a real chore.

They changed it in the latest models (2222;2224;2226;2228)
There are two or three plastic chambers  (depending on the size of filter

>(3) The Eheim seems much more prone to getting air bubbles inside the
>impeller (leading to a very irritating rattle) if locate by the side rather
>than below the tank.

This is really a little problem with the Eheims. I think all other filters
with horizontal impeller do have the this problems. But you can solve it by
shaking the filter sometimes and leaving the room for a while ;-)
>Wet Dry filters work fine in freshwater.

There is also a type of filter (Eheim 2227; 2229)that is called intervall
filter which seems to be similar to a wet dry filter.There is a part of the
filter that is periodically filled with air and then again with water: Donīt
ask me aboout working mechanism. I only know this from the Eheim info material.

>Incidentally, having two filters in parallel is good, for the same reason
>having two heaters is: if one fails, the other will 'back up' for you.

Havig three is better, so you can lend one to somebody how only has a broken
one ;-)  !
Patrick Aldag 
email: aldag at tzv_fal.de 

excuse the awfull english