Re: Big Eheim filters

I have Eheims on both of my tanks - but I've come to the conclusion that
cannister filters (regardless of type) are not worthwhile - sponge filters
are a better bet.  My reasons are as follows:

        o  They're cheaper
        o  Although sponge filters don't usually provide as much biomedia
           as cannisters, that's not altogether important in a
           planted tank since plants take care of most of your amonia
        o  They're a damn sight easier to clean
        o  When they need cleaning, they look it - so there's no
           excuse not to clean 'em.

About the only good thing I know of to say about cannister filters is
that they make a good CO2 reactor.

Am I missing something here?  Can other folks add some other good things
about cannisters?

                                        - Steve