Hello and Anubias

May I introduce myself.  My name is Rodney Pick and I come from
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  I have kept fish for about 20 years
and have really had some problems keeping any Aquatic Plants - at all. 
Through local club level and friends this is slowly changing.  I
actually have a number of varieties of Crypt living (not thriving)  I am
finding the information from this list very interesting and informative.

I am a member of ANGFA (Qld) Inc - which stands for Australian and New
Guinea Native Fish Assocation.  One of the offshoots of this club at a
local level is an Aquatic Plant group - not restricted to native plants.

One of the interests of the group is to produce informative publications
on different aquatic plants.  I got ANUBIAS.  I have a number of books,
some better than others, and while informative seem to miss the
"personal" touch.

I was wondering if any of the members of this list might like to give
personal or known information on varieties of Anubias they have, or have
kept, and little secrets for success - the do's and don'ts.  Things like
lighting, water quality, fertilisation, CO2, growth pattern,
temperature, substrate, filtration, livestock in the tank, depth of
water, propogation, etc.