Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #215

> You'll be happy to learn that Amano does include a list of the plants
> used in each picture in his 2nd book.
> You will also see his interest in miniature aquariums as well.  I think
> this will be a new challenge to many aquarists out there.  I am happy to
> report that a 2.5 gallon which I started in my office is doing
> outstanding.  I used his principles with this one.

Hello Art,

I am writting you to ask you a detail about the two new books from Amano.
I am unable to find ISDN #  for the books. If you have them would you mind to
check the numbers  for me.
I didn't want to waste the bandwidth on the plant list with this trivial (but
important to me) request.

Thanks in advance,

Franc Gorenc           franc at golden_net
Kitchener, Ontario     http://www.golden.net/~franc