Re: holes in leaves & Iron EDTA

Re: problems with holes in the leaves

Why don't you try cutting off the tops of the Nomaphilia and leave the
rooted portion alone.  It may be that, when you remove the rooted bottom
portions and stick in the non-rooted top portions, the top portions can't
get enough nutrients until they grow the needed roots.

Re:  Would I also need to add extra EDTA if I add more Iron?
Yes, the iron and EDTA should be in molar proportions.  That is, if you add
0.1 mole of extra iron, you should also add 0.1 mole of EDTA.  A mole is
the molecular weight of the chemical in grams.  I would recommend using
iron sulphate as the iron source because it keeps well in the jar in
contrast to iron chloride, which absorbs water from the atmosphere and
becomes very messy.  By the way, the boron in the mix is good to have.  I
have seen boron deficiency develop several times in my tanks.

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