Re: Big Eheim filters


I have used a large Eheim (can't remember which model, but it shifts 1000
litres per hour, I think) in a mini-reef some years ago, and more recently
on a small community tank.

It is basically good, but I have a few gripes compared with the Fluvals.
Maybe they are solved on the latest models?

(1) The taps are less fiddly than the Fluval's, but are also much bigger
and so can be awkward in small spaces.

(2) The media are not separate. Fluval have three large plastic chambers,
so you can easily replace or clean just on at a time. The Eheim is more of
a bucket, so changing the carbon or peat is a real chore.

(3) The Eheim seems much more prone to getting air bubbles inside the
impeller (leading to a very irritating rattle) if locate by the side rather
than below the tank.

Wet Dry filters work fine in freshwater. The only problem (that I had with
a model by Lehania, a Scottish maker) is that if you get a marine grade
set-up, removing calcareous media was impossible post construction.

Incidentally, having two filters in parallel is good, for the same reason
having two heaters is: if one fails, the other will 'back up' for you.




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