Cheap Plant Fertilizer in the UK

Hi everyone,

Thanks very much for all your replies to my blue-green algae and cheap
fertilizer problem a few digests back. After reading your replies, I
went back to my local store and found some "Aquarium Pharmeceuticals
Aquarium Plant Stimulant" (bit of a mouthful). It's only 5.5ukp for a
years supply! Thanks for the tip.

On the blue-greens, Erythromycin is only available on prescription from
the vet in the UK, so I've done something I thought I'd never do...I
bought some Tetra Algacide....Two plants suffered leaf die off, but
everything else was OK. Death to blue-greens! Since the algaes have
gone, my alage eating fish and shrimps have started eating the black
brush algae on my bogwood. I thought that my Bee Shrimp and S.A.E's were
rubbish, and couldnt understand what everone was raving about, but now I
know they were refusing the algae as it was already covered in
blue-greens. Now the BG's have gone, they are cleaning up the leaves a

However, the story doesn't end there..After reading Paul Krombholz reply
, I realised that Calcium and Magnesium are macronutrients. I often
wondered why my plants went crazy after a water change and then stopped
the next day. I was making up tubs of RO water and adding a proportion
of tap water to give a kH of 2 and then adding it to my tank. What a
mistake to make! The plants were using all the calcium and Magnesium up
- hence my stupid relationship between CO2 bubbles and pH. Fter adding
four litres of tap water everday for a week, the plants are nowing

After 4 weeks of an algae free tank, I've noticed a few small areas of
the dreaded blue-greens which appear one day, then dissappear the next -
a bit worrying - so I've added some Hornwort to see if this helps.

Thanks for your feedback.

Stephen Andrews.
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