Beard Algae and Fishs hate plants...

Subject: Beard Algae
> Three weeks ago a bloom of beard algea appear in one of my aquar
> search the cause and when I get the time to look at the phosphat
> week later) I found concentration of 0,5 ppm (the main cause was
> containing phosphate).... I need more informati
> Can someone help me with this or did someome had in the past to 
> beard algea and how can he/she did it.

Now that you have pinpointed and corrected the problem, what you 
need is patience!  If the growth is slowing down, you are 
affecting it.  Keep up those water changes, Keep the resin fresh 
and remove as much as you can manually.  There is not much else 
you can do but wait it out... Unfortunately, that's sometimes the 
hardest thing of all to do!


 Subject: Fishs hate plants...
> I have 2 herotilapia multispinosa, and each time they spawn they
> ll=20
> the plants on their half of their 540 l tank...
> What should I do?

Remove the fish or learn to live without the plants!<g>  You can't 
fight Mother Nature!