Re: 48" deep tanks, APD V.2 #207

>NO offense meant here!

None taken.

>I am the Curator at the Greater Iowa Aquarium Center, ...<snip>
>The deepest tanks here are two, 300 gallon Salt Water babies.  They are 28
>inches from the bottom to the water surface. I am literally up to my
>one ear _in the water_ when I have to get down to the very bottom of those
>If you _really_ get your dream 48 inch deep tank, you will need either a
>snorkle or SCUBA gear to work in the beast!

I'd just like to point out that the exact quote of my original post in
APD#207 said: "I'd love to build a 48"x48"x24"h 240g tank."  Please note
the "h" after the 24".  This is used to denote the height of the tank.

I think I can reach 24" to the bottom of the tank, and with a step ladder,
I can reach the middle from any side.  I did some comparisons on
48"x24"x24"h 120g tanks and found that I could also reach the opposite
lower corner without problem.  I'm also seriously considering only building
the tank at 22"h (220g) instead of 24"h though, just to make life easier,
particularly since I don't plan to fill the tank all the way with water.

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