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Well, a week from Friday is the next SFAS auction.  So this weekend
would be a good time to do some clean up in your tanks.  Now what to
do with those pesky trimmings??  Just send them (next Tuesday,
priority mail) to:

    Dave Gomberg, 7 Gateview Court, San Francisco CA 94116-1941

Label each bag with the scientific name, the common name (if any),
and a few words of praise for the plant (easy to grow, hides heaters,
tolerates low temperatures, you get the idea).  I will make nice
labels, rebag, take them to the auction, enter them, try to stay
awake for the results, let you know how it came out, and give you
your proceeds, less the cost of the labels and bags (and shipping if
you want me to pay the shipping).

What do you get?  75% of the auction prices (SFAS gets the other
25%) less out-of-pocket costs.   What do I get?  Sometimes I snitch
a plant or two.

Tips:  Figure on a max of 7-10 bags.  If you will run closer to ten
please call 415-731-7793 to make sure we will have room.  Call me
just as soon as you ship your plants so I will know they are coming.
Email me a list of what you sent (gomberg at wcf_com).

And have fun in the world's greatest hobby!

Dave Gomberg, FormMaestro!      San Francisco CA USA   gomberg at wcf_com