Re: PMDD question

> From: Andrew Hamilton <andrewha at tafe_sa.edu.au>
> I have managed to locate a source of trace elements and would like to
> present the ingredients to the list for opinions. Ingredients are % when
> soluble:
> B  0.875
> Cu 1.70
> Fe 3.35
> Mw 1.70
> Mo 0.023
> Zn 0.60
> Obviously the Iron level is reasonably low and the mixture could do with a
> little extra added. Would I also need to add extra EDTA if I add more Iron?

	If possible, add some more chelated iron.  If you can't find any,
I would suggest making a solution of an iron salt in water in which you
have already dissolved disodium EDTA, and using that to increase the amount 
of iron.
	There seems to be quite a bit of copper in this mix, so you will
have to be a bit more careful not to overdose with it.

Paul Sears    Ottawa, Canada