Re: Roses toxic to fish?

Sat, 21 Sep 1996 N.Monks at nhm_ac.uk (Neale Monks) wrote:

<<I *don't* know whether I disturbed some sulphide in the sand (but there was
no bad eggs smell) or the wood was toxic. But at least that is one wood to
be wary of.>>

First question that comes to my mind is:  were the roses ever sprayed? Roses
are the #1 example of an ornamental plant that even die hard organic
gardeners will sometimes resort to nasty ole' chemicals in order to keep
pretty... 15 minutes seems pretty fast for naturally occuring toxins to leach
out of the wood itself in concentrations high enough to kill fish.  A
systemic insecticide, on the other hand...

Enough reason for all aquarists to be wary of all cultivated woods.  Would
trying it first on a bucket population of inverts (snails, mosquito larvae,
daphnia etc) be a good way to check for pesticide presence?

Anne Hull Seales
Santa Cruz CA