Beard Algae

Three weeks ago a bloom of beard algea appear in one of my aquarium. I
search the cause and when I get the time to look at the phosphate (1 1/2
week later) I found concentration of 0,5 ppm (the main cause was a product
containing phosphate). I use phosphate resin and the concentration now is
less that 0,1 ppm. The algea don't grow as fast as I seem them at the
begining of the bloom but a little grow is still existing. According to
Murphy's law the only aquarium affected by these algae is by biggest, a 130
gal. I install a CO2 systems two day ago and the other parameters of this
aquarium where:

Litning:4 30 watt + 4 40 watt open 13 hours a day 
NO2/NO3 0 ppm
phosphates less then 0,1 ppm (probably around 0,05)
GH 6°
KH 3,5°
Ph 6,9
Ammonia 0 ppm
78.5 °F 

Books only recommant to increase acidity, eliminate NO2/NO3 and phosphates,
remove algae manually as much as we can, increase CO2 injection and make
partial water change. The problem seem to decrease and I hope that my CO2
Systems will help me to eliminate them but I need more information about it.
Can someone help me with this or did someome had in the past to deal with
beard algea and how can he/she did it.


                                                Frédéric Lecomte
                                                Université Laval
                                                aaf283 at agora_ulaval.ca