Anubias, and Nature Aq. World

I have two ideas in the post.

First, just a note to people who give up easily on their plants.  I
recently moved from Missouri to California, and the contents of my 55 spent
two weeks outdoors (in a wading pool) in the midwest in august. Lots of
plants melted in the heat (I didnt warn the caretaker not to leave the pool
in direct sunlight), including a prized anubias nana, which had experienced
incredible growth from when I bought it.  When it arrived in CA, it was
just a rhizome, nice and green, no leaves, and sort of mushy in spots.
Now, after 3 weeks in its new home, it has 2 big new leaves, with a third
on the way.  Some swords and other plants experienced the same sort of
rebirth.  So if your plants are doing well, dont give up on that new
arrival that just isnt thriving (yet).

As for NAW vol 2, does he include any plant id's?  Is there any way to
eliminate the guesswork and and hard wwork in trying to i.d. a plant in his
pictures?  I loved the first book, but it would be good to know some plant
species with more confidence than I have of comparing a picture to another
picture and thinking "yeah I think that is the plant"

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