Re: Wood

>I had the same kind of problem: pH sitting at 8.5 or higher. I had been told
>by an aquarium store manager that putting coral gravel in my tank would not
>cause a problem if I just had a small dish of it as a "pond" in the tank. I
>think he just wanted to sell lots of pH controlling products. I tried
>everything to get the pH down: Vinegar, Muriatic acid, pH down, CO2, you
>name it. Finally I gave up, tore the tank down, cleaned the gravel
>thoroughly and started over again. In the process I also found out that one
>of the pieces of wood I had in the tank was buffering the tank's pH up also.
>With the removal of the coral-gravel pond and the offnding wood, my pH sits
>at 7.0 to 7.2. My plants are happy.

Hi. You mentioned that some wood in your aquarium was buffering your tank's
PH up? Mine seems to be doing the reverse. Mine has been releasing tannic
acid into the tank and you can tell by the coloured tint(brown) my water has. 

BTW, My wood's been in the tank for about 2 months already.It used to float
in the tank, being new and I tied it down using raffia and some string. When
could I fully remove all the ugly raffia and not have the wood floating?
Calvin Chin