Nature Aq. World Vol 2 -Released Now

Just FYI for those who have been waiting........

TFH has released Nature Aquarium World Volume 2 in two parts.  Not only that,
but at reasonable prices too.

For those who have not seen Volume 1 the photography and layout are incredible.
I have a copy of volume 2 from Japan and I can assure you this one is even
better then the first.

I have no clue what the retail price is, but it should be being released to
your local retailer any day now.  But for mail order sources, that I do have

You can contact Mary E. Sweeney 76111.612 at compuserve_com or give her a call at
908-219-9118 seven days a week.  She said even Sunday is fine.

Her prices are as follows:

Nature Aquarium World Volume 1      $17.95
Nature Aquarium World Volume 2      $23.95
Nature Aquarium World Volume 3      $17.95 (note, this is really the second
part of volume 2, not the volume 3 as produced by Aqua Design Amano)

These prices are really pretty good considering it costs I think $75.00 for
volume 2 in Japan and they are out of print there already anyway.

Not very often you will hear me rave over a set of books, but these are the
exception.  They are great.

Doug Valverde