Re: Cedars, Junipers, latin names in general

Dear All,

An observation I made while re-furnishing a tank:

After putting in a few branches of rose wood (i.e woody stems from garden
roses Rosa, rather than rosewood), I lost a lot of fishes. Including about
ten african tetras (a mix of Phenacogrammus and Nanaethiops) and a pair of
Nannochromis. Within about fifteen minutes...the fish were either heavily
breathing, upside down or dead. The survivers were a couple of tetras, a
pair of Pseudocrenilabrus nicholsi, a Panaque, a couple of Ctenopoma and a
Malputta and Badis. With the exception of the mouthbrooders (which are very
hardy) the survivors were air breathers. Needless to say I whipped the wood
out at once.

I *don't* know whether I disturbed some sulphide in the sand (but there was
no bad eggs smell) or the wood was toxic. But at least that is one wood to
be wary of.




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