Re: Algae questions

Hi all,
> Is there some particular reason why we
> shouldn't allow algae to grow in our fish/plant tanks?  Do the reasons
> differ depending on what type of fish/plants you have?  Or do they differ
> depending on what type of algae is growing?  Is the main
> reason purely aesthetics?  Doesn't some algae help the fish/plants to
> be more healthy?
> TIA, 
> Arthur

	The main reason most people don't let it grow in their tanks
is because it grows over everything blocking out our view of the fish
and plants.  As well, some of the blue-green 'algae' produce toxins
which, in high doses, can be fatal to your fish.  Some algae does help
some fish.  Livebearers like vegetable matter in their diet and you'll
catch them picking at leaves of your plants or algae growing on the wall.
Your various assortments of algae eaters also require algae in their diet,
some have inferior rasping mouths and can only feed on algae because
the plants are too hard to chew off bits.

	A fellow who bred guppies, platies, swordtails, etc. had his
tanks set-up with pure mud substrate with giant Vallisneria and 
water sprite.  The tanks were placed, purposely, by the windows.  They
were not only full of algae, but also full of the biggest cultivated
livebearers I've ever seen!


Chris Teichreb