48" deep tanks, APD V.2 #207

NO offense meant here!

I am the Curator at the Greater Iowa Aquarium Center, a "small" non-profit
Public Aquarium, and I just happen to have the longest arms in the group.
 Which means I am always the only one to "do stuff" on the bottoms of the
biggest tanks. 

The deepest tanks here are two, 300 gallon Salt Water babies.  They are 28
inches from the bottom to the water surface. I am literally up to my armpits,
one ear _in the water_ when I have to get down to the very bottom of those

(There will now be a short pause for all of you to stop giggling. )

If you _really_ get your dream 48 inch deep tank, you will need either a
snorkle or SCUBA gear to work in the beast!  That is exactly what the BIG
Public Aquariums do - they work in those really BIG tanks in swim suits and
SCUBA gear.   No, you WON'T be able to use those cute little plastic tongs
and stuff to work with your plants. Murphy's Law is _guaranteed_ to show up!

How do I know?  Well, I have just been given six, 300 gallon tanks that are
(your guessed it!) 48 inches deep.  I am trying to decide which will be
better, SCUBA gear, a Snorkle, or some strange combination. 

Stay tuned, I will let you know what happens.  (You may now resume giggling
at the thought of what I am going to look like, working on those six new
tanks after we get them installed.)