Chasing the impossible dream

Subject: Chasing the impossible dream

> Problem is, I'm now having problems with red algae and beard alg
> feeding to every alternate day. Will turning off the light help?
> algaecides? 

Turning out the lights will only set back you higher plants as 
well.  Algaecides will kill higher plants as well as algae.

Do you know what your nitrate and phosphate readings are?  I 
suspect they are both high.(particularly the phosphate)  If so, 
the best way to solve algae problems is lots of water changes.
> My plants are mainly Anubias Nana and some java fern. aponogenta
> of big swords and various swords. (I find that the small round l
> don;t thrive well in my aquarium).

You also need to find some fast growing plants to use up nutrients 
faster than the plants you're currently growing.  You might want 
to try Water Sprite or one of the Hygros.  If nothing else, 
Salvinia or Duckweed can help in a situation like this.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA