There's $$ in vermiculite

Sorry, this is only indirectly related, as many on this list are
using or experimenting with vermiculite.  I just had to share this.

I have a good friend who invested in this guy's vermiculite mine
two years ago.  This other guy had a site and had to move fast, 
and hit up his relatives for cash (he has some wealthy relatives, 
and raised $350,000 in capital in one week).  My friend took out 
a loan for $10,000 two years ago, which he also invested.  My 
friend was the only non-family member allowed to invest (he had 
known the guy for twelve years).

Here's the deal:  My friend got a $1,000 return after the first 
year.  This is the second year, and he gets a check for $10K.  
Then, for the next three years he gets a check for $20K, $30K, 
then $60K.

After the $60K check, the five-year mining operation shuts
down and he has liquidated his stake.

Summary:  $121,000 return for him on a $10,000 investment after
five years.

No, I cannot get in and nobody else can either; this is a short
run for that family alone.  I had no idea there was so much 
money in vermiculite.

Please do NOT invest in those other stupid "diamond mining 
operations" where you invest capital, etc.  Those are a waste
of money and laced with fraud;  however, it looks like this
particular case works out.  Of course, note that nobody can get 
in--if it really works, normal stiffs like us would not be
allowed entry.  :-)  I think this is the absolutely outrageous
case that occurs 0.00001 percent of the time.

cbay at jeppesen_com