Re: Plants which can prevent algae infestation?

>From: Calvin Chin <cfc at pacific_net.sg>
>Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 23:43:32 +0800
>Subject: Plants which can prevent algae infestation?

>I've read that certain plants like the horn fern and its relatives are
>preventive agents against algae infestation. Has anybody tried this? Does
>the horn fern tolerate high temperatures (30-31 degrees celsius)?
>Calvin Chin

IMO, any fast growing plant helps preventing algae growth as, to grow,
they consume the elements the algae need to grow. And once they get tall
enough (e.g. when they reach the surface), just cut them and throw away the
cut parts not to put the elements back into the tank.

Cabomba sp. and N. stricta are very good for that.