Re: Chasing the impossible dream

Re: Chasing the impossible dream

Hi folks!

Thanks to all of you who've been so helpful in giving me pointers on how to
keep the beautiful Discus with plants.

Just for more info, my tank is currently is a 300 litre (or 79 gallon) one
with 4 Discus fish (small). I used to feed a small of Blood worms and Brine
shrimp (frozen) through a sorm feeder. The tank also has 3 SAEs and about 30
cardinal tetras. The CO2 system is Dupla, with continuous PH control.
Lighting is through a 150W Metal halide (on 9-10 hours a day) and the temp.
of the water is at 30.5 degrees celsius (86-87 F).

Problem is, I'm now having problems with red algae and beard algae. I've cut
feeding to every alternate day. Will turning off the light help? How about

My plants are mainly Anubias Nana and some java fern. aponogenta, a couple
of big swords and various swords. (I find that the small round leafed swords
don;t thrive well in my aquarium).

Calvin Chin